Bylaws and Building Restrictions
  • Are dog runs allowed?
    Yes. They must be no more than four feet high and must be board approved before installation.
  • Are fences allowed in our subdivision?
    To maintain the appealing appearance of our neighborhood, fences may be constructed only after plans of such fences are board approved. Fences in the rear or back of the building on all lots shall be ornamental and no more than four feet high. No fence of any kind should be installed or erected in front of, or extending beyond, the front of the building of any lot. All fences must have twenty-five feet set back from any and all streets abutting any lot line, whether front, rear, or side.
  • Are mobile homes, pop-up campers, boats or similar vehicles allowed to be stored outside?
    No, the outside storage of these vehicles is not permitted. A resident violating this ordinance will be notified and if the vehicle is not removed, Northville Township must be notified and a fine may be issued.
  • Do dogs have to be on leashes?
    Yes. For the safety of our residents (especially children), dogs must be kept on leashes at all times. Walkers are expected to pick up dog waste left in neighbors’ yards.
  • What steps must residents follow before any outside renovations are done?
    • Get a copy of building restrictions.
    • Have a licensed architect or contractor make your plans.
    • Submit plan to NCE board for approval.
    • Take for approval to Northville Township Building Department and apply for permit.
  • Where can I get a copy of the Northville Colony Estates Bylaws and Building and Deed Restrictions?
    You can find a copy under Documents on this website.

  • What is the purpose of specifying the birth year of a child in the NCE directory?
    The birth year is listed for the purpose of networking and establishing connections (i.e., play dates) between families with children of similar ages. It is also useful in selecting neighborhood babysitters.

  • How much are Homeowner Association Dues?
    Currently, dues are $160 annually.

New Resident/Welcome Wagon Packet
  • What is included in the Welcome Wagon Packet?
    The package contains a Welcome Letter that includes names of current board members, instructions on how to register for our website, a NCE Directory and a house plant.  Also included, courtesy of the Northville Chamber of Commerce, is a Northville Directory, Calendar, Upcoming Events flyer and information on local businesses, restaurants, etc. 

Park & Pavilion
  • Can non-residents use the sporting facilities in the park?
    No. Visitors must be with a resident of NCE to use the commons such as the basketball and tennis courts and must park in front of the resident’s home while attending an activity in the park. The daily use of the basketball court by consistent groups of ball players is prohibited. The courts are for use by NCE families only.
  • Do I have to be a Board member to organize a neighborhood event like a golf outing, craft in the park, tennis lessons, baseball game etc.?
    No. In general, any resident can organize a neighborhood group event. If it is a formalized activity to be held in the park, sponsored by the association, or advertised in the NCE newsletter, then it will need to be reviewed by the Board.
  • How does one rent the Pavilion for private events like school picnics, scouting, baby showers, etc.?
    The park pavilion can be reserved free of charge to residents of NCE only. A request for reservation can be submitted by going to the Pavilion Reservations page on this website. Board approval is required before the pavilion can be used for large gatherings. Residents can use the pavilion facilities at any time for individual and small gatherings without reservation. Visitors of the event are required to park at the NCE resident’s house who is hosting the event.

  • How does one voice a concern to the Board, volunteer for an event or Board position, or submit a question?
    Submit inquiries or concerns by calling any of the NCE Board members or email the Board at hoa@northvillecolonyestates.org, or by submitting via this website under the Contact Us page.

  • Is my information on this website private?
    Absolutely! Northville Colony Estates HOA is committed to keeping your personal information private. NCE HOA will not sell, distribute, or share any personal information you provide without your permission. Any personal information we posses will be used for the sole purpose of administering the relationship between yourself and Northville Colony Estates HOA.